Don't let DOMS stop you from your goals!

Muscle soreness is a funny thing....

As part of every treatment plan we prescribe a set of exercises that are designed to address each patient's individual needs.  Sometimes a patient will return to our clinic, complaining of a dull aching pain/soreness deep within their muscles, typically made worse when starting to move or while in motion.  Usually if they are new to exercise, they are quite concerned because they think their pain is getting worse and not better. 

This soreness after exercise is called "delayed onset muscle soreness" or DOMS for short and is completely normal when asking the body to perform new or increased work.  Usually the discomfort sets in around 24-48 hours post exercise and can last a couple days.  This soreness is the body's way of telling you that you strained/worked the muscles. 

While the mechanism of DOMS is not fully understood, it is widely believed that the exercise causes tiny micro trauma to fibres of the muscle.  This tiny trauma is then repaired by the body and that is what leads to the muscle fibres increasing their strength.  Another popular belief includes a build up of calcium ions that leads to a cascade of enzyme build up.  The extra calcium and enzymes cause histamines and prostaglandins to gather, causing inflammation and pain. 

Regardless of the mechanism, finding a nice balance between light post exercise DOMS and unbearable muscle pain is recommended.  While it is normal to have some muscle soreness a couple days after an exercise, excruciating pain that lasts for a week is not.  Listen to your body and walk the fine line between challenge and over doing it. 




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