Speaker Series

Did you know that we have an entire speaker series available for your office/group function?

We are happy to come out and speak on various health related topics at office meetings, AGMs, health fairs, career fairs and conferences!  

Topics include:

  • Seniors fall prevention strategies
  • Shovelling tips (saving your back when the snow starts to fall)
  • Sleep Hygiene (what is it and how do I get better sleep?) 
  • Inflammation (the cause of aging) 
  • Prevention and treatment of low back pain
  • Pregnancy and exercise
  • The running remedy (common injuries and preventative measures)
  • Kids and backpacks (wear it right pack it light)
  • Workplace ergonomics (making your day comfortable) 
  • Sports nutrition
  • Stress and the body’s response to chronic life stress 
  • The osteoarthritis diet

Don't see the topic you are looking for?  Let us know, we have access to a vast amount of research and would love to organize a presentation specifically for you!  

Contact us at 902-270-7022 or info@islandchiro.com