Text Neck

It’s not just a fad term, with the current use of technology, text neck is absolutely real and it’s bad, real bad.

Text neck is a modern day term used to define a postural / overuse syndrome involving the head, neck and shoulders. It typically results from excessive strain on the spine and the surrounding soft tissues from looking in a foward and downward position at hand held devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets etc. 

Common symptoms may include:

  • pain in the arms, forearms or hands

  • pain the the elbow or wrist joint

  • numbness in the arm, forearm or hands/fingers

  • tight and sore shoulders

  • headaches

A few tips on how to prevent text neck.

  1. - Hold your phone (or device) at eye level

  2. Take frequent breaks from your phone (or device). Avoid looking down for long periods of time (use an app that will cut off your screen time)

  3. Play outside / exercise outdoors

  4. Set a timer / reminder to get up and walk around every 20-30 minutes

  5. Perform neck, chest stretches and chin tucks daily (If unsure of proper form consult with your Chiropractor or RMT before attempting, Safety first!! )