Make Movement a Lifestyle

Everybody knows physical activity is important. Going for a run in the morning,

hitting the gym or yoga class after work are great habits. I encourage you to keep it

up; however, this relatively brief amount of physical activity does not undo the

damage of prolonged sitting many of us do throughout our day.

By tweaking our lifestyle we can incorporate more movement into our day. One

strategy is to recognize and set our own limits on the use of some of the modern

“crutches” to healthy movement. Here are some simple ideas to incorporate more

healthy movement into your day:

  • Walk for errands or park far away

  • Take stairs instead of the elevator

  • Alternate between sitting and standing at work

  • Get rid of wheelie chairs so you have to get up

  • Take a walk during a phone call, meeting, or lunch

  • Make yourself dinner and wash the dishes by hand

  • Take a walk after dinner

  • Do household chores (mow the lawn, garden) and get dirty

  • Go barefoot or wear flat soled shoes more often

  • Take a break form the screen and look out a window, even better, get outside

  • Sit on the floor more (A recent study has shown that our ability to sit down on the floor

    and then get back up may be an indicator of how long we’re going to live)

  • Play with kids and move how they move

Making more movement part of your lifestyle improves your energy, sleep, and

mood. On top of that it reduces your risk of chronic issues like osteoporosis,

hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Move well.

Live your life.