Final Baby Box Update

As of May 17th, 2019 we will no longer be distributing the sleep sacks from the baby box program.

Many of you are already aware, in April, the baby box reward program was changed from a box to a sleep sack. Along with that change, the Baby Box company was only allowing reward distribution on certain dates during allocated times. We understand that many people were coming from long distances to collect the reward and unfortunately were not coming during the allocated time for distribution. Turning people away without their sleep sack was not something we were comfortable with.

We requested that the Baby Box company allow us to distribute the boxes the same way as we had in the past, but because it is a national program compliance was mandatory.

Until May 17th, 2019, you can still complete the online program at and collect your reward code. This week you are welcomed to come into the office (850 Grand Lake Rd) between 9-5pm an collect your reward(while supplies last). If you have completed the course in the past and still have your redemption code, please bring it in anytime during operating hours this week and we will provide you with the sleep sack. After this week, whatever remains will be donated to the Family Resource Centre (714 Alexandra st) (902-562-5616) an you may collect one there.

We are very appreciative and thankful to the Baby Box company for raising awareness and increasing education on safe sleeping practice and we wish them much success on future programming.