Private Yoga Tune-up

As chiropractors we treat a lot of back pain. Over the years, we have observed that some of our patients enjoy the benefits of a Yoga practice in their lives, but they are frequently bothered by a chronic pain that seems to be worse on Yoga days. There are many benefits to having a strong Yoga practice but, did you know that sometimes Yoga could be the source of your pain? There are certain spinal conditions that could potentially become aggravated with various Yoga poses. We’ve even seen patients who’s recovery was limited because of their Yoga practice.

During a Yoga class do you find yourself wondering if you are correctly holding the pose?

Do you have a home practice or follow an instructor online, but aren’t sure if you are in proper alignment?

Are you intimidated by large classes but would like to try Yoga?

We are excited to announce that Allyson Lewis will now be offering one-on-one private sessions. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned Yogi or beginner, your session with Allyson will cover all concerns or questions that you may have. These classes will focus on proper alignment and breathing techniques during various poses. Your session will also include a specific, personalized routine that will address your needs.

Sessions are 45-minutes in length and are $55. You can add on a consultation with one of the doctors to address any aches and pains that you have as well.

Space is limited, call 902-270-7022 or click HERE to book!

~ Namaste ~