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Salmon Tales and Tubes


If you follow us on social media, you may have seen our river tubing post. This was such a great experience I wanted to post some details and some suggestions for those who may be interested in booking one of the trips!

Salmon Tales and Tubes is a program run through Parks Canada - you can find the link here.

As opposed to the other tubing experience in Cape Breton, this tour allowed us to bring our two and four year old. They do provide all the necessary gear, however, we were advised to bring our own lifejackets as they don’t carry the itty bitty ones.

If you are bringing anyone under the age of 5, I would also advise you to bring your own helmet as again, the sizes were too big for those little heads (we put their hats underneath the hemet and it seemed to work). We were advised that the hemet is more for protection against stray golf balls, as part of the river passes nearby the golf course.

Also, we recommend wearing water shoes.

There is a short walk up the river (about 45-minutes) where our guide Kirsten would stop and talk about the Salmon breeding habits and some of the challenges they are facing (did you know that 2019 is the year of the Salmon?). Kirsten also spoke about some of the trees in the area (and the issues they are facing with invasive species) and some of the local animals.

Once we got to our destination and were geared up, we all jumped aboard our tubes and were on our way floating down the river. The kids had an absolute blast.

Due to low water levels, there were some parts of the tour that we had to get off the tube and portage. Since it was such a hot day, we certainly didn’t mind the chance to cool down. I will caution you, you will get wet.

We started the tour at 3pm and everything was wrapped up just before 5:30pm.

If you are looking for something a little different to do and you have little ones, I highly recommend this tour!

The tour runs every Saturday until August 31st, and reservations are highly recommended - you can book it by calling 902-285-2535.