Improve your sleep


Sleep is when the body repairs damage. The quality and amount of sleep you get determines how your body manages inflammation. While the changes are small at first, chronic sleep loss may eventually lead to the development of metabolic syndrome disease (hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, etc).

Ideally, adults should get around seven to nine hours of sleep. If you're having trouble achieving this number, try these tips:

  • Dark, dark, dark — Get rid of every source of light in your room when you sleep, such as night lights and your digital clock. The tiniest glimmer of light may block your serotonin/melatonin production, which can disrupt your sleep cycle. You can use blackout shades for your windows. If this is not possible, an eye mask can help.

  • Go to bed by 10 p.m. — Try your best to be asleep as early as possible because your body does the majority of its recharging between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. Furthermore, your gallbladder removes toxins during this period, and if you're awake during this time, the toxins can go back up into the liver and create health problems down the line.

  • Establish a pre-bedtime routine — Cultivate practices that will allow you to fall asleep easier such as practicing meditation or diaphragmatic breathing. Try various methods to help you feel relaxed so you can get to sleep quicker.

  • Avoid caffeine — Caffeinated drinks boost your energy, so avoid them in the afternoon, evening period.

  • Do not watch television before sleeping — The blue light from a tv or handheld device can stimulate the brain, preventing you from falling asleep at your intended time. Also, if possible remove the TV from your room, your bed should be only for two things, sleeping and the other thing that starts with an “S” (sudukou)….

  • Exercise regularly - Getting regular exercise can help boost your health in many ways, such as reducing your risk of chronic diseases, helping you shed excess weight and boosting cognitive function. But did you know that exercising may also help improve sleep quality? Exercise reduces stress which should help with sleep quality and overall health.

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