What Exactly Is A Private Yoga Session?

When you book a private Yoga session, you are getting a practice that is made specifically for you and your own needs, this looks different for everyone. Below I have outlined a few of the more common reasons people attend Private Yoga Sessions and what to expect:

  • Looking for a private class because you can’t make it to a scheduled class? Let us know when you book your session. Once you show up for your session you will be guided through a 45 minute session in the Yoga style you wish to practice (this is can be decided on the day of the session as our mindset is always changing, you might want something for energy or maybe something to help with relaxation at the end of a long day. During the 45 minutes you will be one-on-one with the instructor who will help you with proper alignment and can also work with you on any personal goals you might have within your practice you wish to achieve.

  • Some people look to Yoga as a healing modality when dealing with chronic or acute conditions. More and more health practitioners are realizing the healing benefits of Yoga and mindfulness practices for many health related issues.

  • If you are wanting to learn more about how Yoga can specifically help you improve the health of your body & mind, this is another way a Private Yoga Session could be helpful. You can come and talk to the instructor, she will go over any important information needed. Based on what you talk about, a home practice composed of specific Yoga poses will be made and given to you to take home and practice. Our instructor will also go over each pose with you and show you the proper alignment and tips for what to be aware of when doing each one.

When coming to the session, make sure you are dressed in (or have a change) of proper clothing to practice Yoga in. You want to be comfortable and not feel restricted in your clothing or limited in anyway. We have mats at the clinic, if you have your own and wish to use it, know that you are welcome to bring it with you. If you have Yoga props that you use regularly, feel free to bring these along as well (another way a Yoga session could be used is for learning proper use of props!)

If you have any questions about our Private Yoga Sessions or would like to speak to Allyson, please feel free to contact her at the office. You can do so by phone: 902-270-7022 or email: info@islandchiro.com

Allyson Lewis, RYT200hr is the Yoga instructor at Island Chiropractic & Family Wellness. She has completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and is offering Private Yoga Sessions and Yoga classes

Keep an eye out for an announcement soon with the dates and times of our 2019 Fall Exercise Class Schedule

Disclaimer - before participating in any activity that is new to you or you might not be aware if it is a right fit for you, please get permission from your health care provider. Private Yoga Sessions are not meant to treat or heal any ailment/illness or condition you may have.